I can’t say enough great things about Polina’s approach to massage therapy! She truly knows the body and how to approach every problem when it comes to aches and pains. I came to Polina for treatment due to pain in my lower back. She listened to my issues, quickly analyzed the problem and provided a very comprehensive massage based on my pain points. Polina suggested various exercises I could do on my own. I immediately felt so much better and the pain went away after one day. I would highly recommend Polina to anyone looking for a therapeutic massage due to her superb technique, vast knowledge of medicine and her friendly personality.

–Mariya R

I’ve received many sports massages from a number of highly skilled therapists. Yet I find Polina’s work to be extraordinary. I’ve relied upon her to help get me to the starting line, as well as to recover after the finish line of many marathons and during my training in between races. Polina is incredibly in tune to what needs to be done to relieve muscle tension, including tension that I was not even aware I had. She listens carefully to my ailments and what I’d like to focus on. And while she always addresses all of my concerns, it seems that my verbal input is nearly unnecessary because of her uncanny ability when it comes to scanning the body and knowing exactly what needs to be done. While she’s not hesitant to dig in hard when needed, there’s a deep level of caring and kindness that comes through – all while waging war against my scar tissue and adhesions. Polina is also wonderful at providing at home self-care techniques. As an accomplished athlete herself, I appreciate her heightened understanding of a runner’s body and how athletes think.

–Dave K, NY Flyers

Oh behalf of the NY Flyers running club, I want to thank you for conducting an outstanding workshop on self-massage technique for our members. Attendance was at a maximum capacity. The participants had a great time while learning valuable self-massage techniques during what was an engaging and interactive session. We left the class with the knowledge needed to help us run injury free and recover faster from our races. Your background as an athlete, and your expertise as a licensed massage therapist, clearly equipped you to create a highly effective program of self-massage for runners. The summary write-up after the event, which included some of your self-massage tips as well as video clips, quickly generated more than 200 page hits on our blog!

–Dave K, NY Flyers

The best sports massage in NYC! There are many good massage therapists in New York, but Polina has the advantage of being an athlete herself. Being a competitive runner, triathlete and dancer she knows the exact muscles that get overstressed during training and races, and she knows the right way to take care of them. Plus, if you are interested, she will explain what muscles she is working on and where she feels tension.. Pretty cool! During intense periods of training, I try to get a couple of massages a week in order to give my body the extra help it needs. I consider regular massage to be a part of my training schedule and the latest results proved that I made the right choice!

–Stefano B