Restorative Movement

~A blend of therapeutic yoga and massage for healing~




Restorative Movement is a  therapeutic practice that combines the healing methods of yoga and massage.  Rooted in the shared principle of mind-body connection, it is a powerful holistic method to take greater ownership of your health, discover your body awareness, and feel better!  Throughout this series, Polina and Elise will share with you their best self-care techniques and tips for greater well-being. A discussion of anatomy, movement and how they relate to your health will accompany the physical practice. Each session in the series has a distinct focus and can be taken without prior experience.

Fall Into Place – (November)

Our most essential movement is the breath. It creates the necessary conditions for healing and rest. And it’s a vital part of our yoga practice and bodywork. Autumn, marked by its transformative energy, is the perfect season to focus on lung and skin health. Whatever changes you are experiencing this season, take a deep breath and “Fall Into Place” through movement and pranayama (breath work).

Spring Cleanser – (April)

This seasonal workshop focuses on opening the hips and alleviating pain in the low back.  April is the perfect time to let go of a stiff back and clean out the winter’s cobwebs in the hips.  The practice of hip openers creates space in the body and mind, getting us ready for a more active season and teaching us to embrace and trust our bodies as they are.  All workshops include therapeutic stretching, nurturing self-myofascial release, thoughtful yoga sequencing and mindful breathing you can practice at home.  This energetic workshop will leave you feeling lighter and more open. Put some spring in your step!

Heart Openers (February)

It is the season of love, heart health and brutal cold temperatures!  Both Elise and Polina noticed that we are all walking around with our backs hunched and shoulders glued to our ears.  So we designed this class to reverse the seasonal tension, let go of bad posture habits and open our hearts – both symbolically and for real physical health benefits!  The practice of heart openers is a gentle restorative technique for the upper back, shoulders, and chest health. Therapeutic stretching, nurturing self-myofascial work and mindful breathing will maximize the practice and give you results you can feel! Give yourself the caring and loving gift of self-care this Winter!

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