• Customized Therapeutic

    A customized massage is based on your treatment goals, areas of tension, medical history and preference for pressure.  A number of modalities are used by the therapist to deliver a complete and effective session to address your individual needs.  Based on your preference, amount of pressure can range from light to deep tissue work. This is a great choice if you have specific concerns and are not sure which massage is best for you!

  • Medical Massage

    The session focuses on your area of pain or injury. Recommended for clients experiencing chronic pain, recent or ongoing injury or as part of rehabilitation therapy after an operation.  A full course of treatment can deliver increased range of motion, reduction in scar tissue, decrease in inflammation and improved management of chronic pain. A common reason for choosing medical massage is a diagnosis of a medical condition that responds well to massage treatment.

  • Sports Massage

    Promotes physical recovery and helps you move more efficiently, contributing to your performance and training goals over time.  Everyone from competitive athlete to someone who just started a demanding personal fitness program can benefit from regular sports massage to support an active lifestyle.  The session is tailored to your phase of training and sport.  For best results, please speak with your therapist on when to implement sports massage into your training and race schedule.

  • Pure Relaxation

    Similar to therapeutic, promotes physical relaxation and reduces stress. The structure of each session is thought out from start to finish to promote a mental and spiritual uplift.  Request a custom blend of essential oils to help you unwind!

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy, labor and caring for a newborn are physical efforts. Postural muscles in the back, shoulders and hips are working overtime.  Massage can alleviate the physical discomfort caused by postural changes, muscular tension and fatigue that accumulate over the prenatal and postnatal period.  Please inform your obstetrician or midwife that you are receiving massage therapy and keep your therapist informed of any medical changes as your pregnancy progresses.

  • Myofascial Release

    A deep tissue technique, it is an effective form of therapy to treat kinetic chain and movement dysfunctions.  Nourishes and hydrates the body’s fascia, the connective tissue that binds together the muscles, the skeleton and all internal organs. Connective tissue health is a key element of efficient biomechanics and posture, complete range of motion and painless movement.  Manual manipulation is often supplemented by the use of medical cupping to address several body areas at a time.

  • Cupping Massage

    Glass or silicone medical cups are used to improve the elasticity of muscle and connective tissue.  The therapist identifies postural tension, scar tissue and areas of rigid and stiff tissues for treatment.  Once the cups have been set, gliding strokes can be used to further target the treatment area.  Can be booked as a standalone 30/60 minute treatment or as an add-on service.

  • Self-Care

    You don’t always have the time or the budget to see your therapist! Self-massage is an effective, affordable, and sustainable method to take greater ownership of your physical well-being. You can work on your tension patterns using your hands, pressure balls, foam rollers and medical cups. The work is supplemented with range of motion exercises to create a program to make you feel better, beat chronic patterns of tension and help manage aches your body is susceptible to.  The program is individual to you. I have experience working with runners, triathletes, dancers, gym goers, desk employees and the senior population.