Going on Vacation? Don’t forget your massage

August 11, 2016 0 Comments

August is prime time for taking time off. It’s time to rest, recharge and have fun! Most of the time going on vacation is enough, but if you find travel strenuous and struggle to disconnect, a timely massage can help! Travel which involves sitting for long periods of time in a cramped position on a plane or in a car is a source of stress for most of my clients. It’s not uncommon for very active people used to pushing their bodies tell me that a few hours in a car or on a plane leave them feeling more beat up than a longer lasting training session. If you ever felt this way, schedule a massage first thing after a long trip when you reach your destination. If a vacation for your brain is what you crave but it takes you a few days to disconnect, a massage can help you transition to vacation mode right away. If you don’t want to wait or are not sure if you’ll be able to find something at your destination, a massage before your trip has the same benefits! Kick start your vacation before you leave with a massage and try these helpful tips to make your trip more comfortable.

TOP 3 tips from my clients. You were right! I now do them all and it really helps 🙂

Stand up. If you experience discomfort after a long flight or car trip, I hear this one works the best! It works like this – if you are not sleeping, get up from your seat every hour. Some of you like to take a walk or do some light stretching. It may feel weird the first time you do this on a plane, but once you start you might never go back.

Work out before you travel. Sure, travel can be exhausting and there is no time, but many of you swear that sticking to your workout routine actually helps.  If you can make time, your regular trip to the gym or working out outdoors will get your body ready for lifting luggage, loading the car and any other strenous tasks that are best done after a warm-up.  If there is no time, you can do simple exercises and stretches as you wait at the gate or when you take a break from driving. A little goes a long way!

Wear compression. If inflammation is still a source of discomfort and you tried standing up and moving, try compression wear on your next flight or car ride.

Not going away? Schedule a massage during your staycation. Relaxing at home and skipping the hassle and expense of travel is preferred by many, and adding some quality time activities like getting a massage can make it exactly what you’ve been waiting for!



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