lmt 007MY STORY

 In 2009, I finished a NYRR race in Central Park and queued up to receive a ten minute sports massage at the finish line. Shortly after, I was enrolled in the massage program at the Swedish Institute, making plans to leave my corporate job (and desk posture!) behind. I was first drawn to massage because it felt so good for someone to knead and soothe my achy, sore muscles (of a runner, triathlete, dancer, tough mudder, seize the day kind of gal).  During my training, I learned that when administered with skill massage treatment can play a key role in injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, post-operative care and athletic recovery.  I love watching my clients move forward from injuries, find effective ways to manage pain and stress, reach their performance goals and take greater ownership of their wellbeing.  I love what I do and it is never a bad time to talk to me if massage can help. On my off days, I train for triathlons, attend dance rehearsals and swing kettlebells.


I specialize in “Therapeutic” massage. Therapeutic massage is based on anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body. It provides benefits that remain in effect after the session is over in the form of reduced pain, better posture, restored functionality and faster recovery. I mix the following modalities in my work for complete and individualized treatment: deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point therapy, myofascial, acupressure and cold/heat therapies.

Many of my clients are runners, triathletes, dancers and active individuals who view massage therapy as part of their training and recovery protocols.  I also have experience working with competitive tennis players, martial artists, weightlifters and volleyball players.  For athletes, my treatment will target the muscles/structures most heavily stressed by your training. This individualized, goal-oriented approach has earned me regular referrals from physical therapists, personal trainers, athletic coaches and dance instructors practicing in New York.  I also love working with pregnant women preparing for childbirth, the biggest endurance event of them all!

While I specialize in sports, medical and pregnancy massage, I enjoy doing fundamental relaxation sessions for anyone who just wants to relax!  I recommend massage to everyone for its relaxation and therapeutic benefits, because we can all use the opportunity to unplug, unwind and sleep better!


I hold an Associate degree from Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in Massage Therapy. My previous education includes a Bachelors of Science from New York University.  As a USAT certified triathlon coach and a Certified Personal Trainer, I incorporate my knowledge about human movement and training periodization into my work.  I am a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  My volunteer experience includes NYC Triathlon, NYC Marathon, Crossfit competitions and local community events.


My goal is to create a constructive and effective session for each client. My strategy is to individualize each session based on physical assessment and conversation with you. If you see me for a specific injury or have a chronic discomfort in a particular area, I will start my treatment by discussing your symptoms, contributing factors and activity levels. During the massage, I will test your range of motion and the elasticity of your soft tissue. My treatment is always based on your goals. For athletes, I target the muscles and structures most heavily stressed by your sport in order to maximize the value and the experience of each treatment.